Attempts at dev advice

  • Serve services through Docker with Nginx

    Serve services through Docker with Nginx

    You’re running most of the services on your server with Docker, so everything is nicely sandboxed and can’t annoy each other. It would, obviously be nice if they were also accessible easily through a domain name. But what should you use? I say Nginx. (Pronounced engine x) Nginx is according to Wikipedia a web server […]

  • Authentication, do it yourself?

    Authentication, do it yourself?

    A big part of a lot of new development projects is of course, user authentication and user authorization. Which sounds simple enough, create a table in a database store a username and/or email address and a hashed password. And you’re already halfway there. However with the rise of Single Sign-On, SSO for short, should you […]

  • Discord bots in docker with

    Discord bots in docker with

    If you are running Discord bots through docker, but you are not using to either create or manage your stacks and containers, you should start now! For the Brackeys Community Discord we’ve been transferring from using a singular bot to do everything, to multiple bots with a single purpose, this prevents our Discord application […]